The Story Of Andrew & Jacqualyn

Learn how A & J met and became the Private 5 Star Love Tutors and Human Metamorphosis Coaches you know and love today. 


Andrew C. Bailey

CONFESSION #1: Growing Up I Was Socially Awkward...

I grew up on a corn farm in Corvallis, Montana. From birth to about Freshman year in High School, I was the quiet shy kid in the class, petrified to be called on. In fact, I froze around people and I wouldn't even ask my teachers to go the bathroom. I lived every day in dread and anxiety and just getting through the day was a victory for me. It wasn't until Sophomore year when I took a drama class that my life changed & I built a little confidence in myself. The class forced me to bust out of my shell with improv and a lead role as Romeo in a Shakespeare play. I felt I could now talk to people without going weak in the knees.


CONFESSION #2: When It Came To Dating and Relationships, I was Clueless! 

At 18 I went to college never having been kissed. But I was excited to meet the ladies and get a girlfriend. Even though women were all around me at college, I didn't know how to talk to them. So for me, it was window shopping. I mean, as a beginner at love, I tried my best to get the ladies to like me, but I ended up making all the mistakes a guy can make: I professed my love to a girl I hardly knew, bought women tons of flowers, wrote them songs, gave them excessive compliments and was the typical "Nice Guy" I thought women wanted. Ya know, I tried to be the guy I saw who gets the girl in the movies. But women just wanted to be my friend and nothing more. And it became routine for me to be put in the friend zone. I was stuck feeling frustrated and like a big single loser.

Then at 19 I met a girl who was long-term incompatible with me. So we moved out to Seattle together from Montana. Our relationship quickly eroded after I stopped paying attention to her as work was my focus. I had no relationship skills and another guy eventually came into the picture and swept her off her feet. She moved out & I was left heartbroken & depressed for 2 years. After all, I thought we were going to get married & live happily ever after with each other. Boy was I blind!

So there I was...a farm boy single in a big city and the prospect of dating was scary as hell. I had no idea how to date and find a great partner.

CONFESSION #3: I Got Coaching To Help Me With My Dating Life...

Eventually, I got sick of being depressed & single and realized I needed help. I couldn't figure love out alone & I didn't want another failed relationship on my record. So I hired multiple dating coaches to help me master dating. And I studied their material like a white belt ninja committed to going black belt. I even invested in a 3-day Dating Bootcamp for men for $2,997. I studied female/male dynamics like polarity, connection, body language, and attraction. And I went out to bars and social events, pushing myself to have over 3,000 conversations with women and men and go out on hundreds of instant dates. All in an effort to find my Soulmate Jacqualyn and learn how to talk to the opposite sex without getting slapped, friend zoned or flat out ignored!

CONFESSION #4: I Became A Professional Coach To Help Others Who Struggled With Dating & Meeting People...

I got so good at conversations and dating that I decided I couldn't keep my knowledge to myself. So I started speaking and coaching in Seattle. I originally only coached men then branched out to help women as well.

Jacqualyn Burnson

CONFESSION #1: I Was The Nervous Insecure Girl...

My childhood was traumatizing in several ways which left me with a lot of problems going into adult life. The biggest problem I had was a deep feeling of insecurity and unworthiness. Like I was broken, defective & disgusting. This insecurity made my first relationships a disaster because I couldn't be vulnerable or intimate. I struggled to communicate my feelings and I was always trying to put on the perfect face of a girl who had her shit together. But I didn't have my shit together because I didn't love myself. So I couldn't believe that anyone else could love me either. My insecurity made it so I couldn't let love in.

All my early interactions with the opposite sex failed miserably because I couldn't let down my walls. Educating myself on how to turn my emotions of unworthiness into 100% confidence in myself has been the biggest victory of my life and it's one of my favorite subjects to teach to my clients.

CONFESSION #2: I Dedicated My Life To Helping People...

When I was in 5th grade I caught the contribution bug. I was volunteering at old folks home with my choir and something special happened (a longer story for another time). From that day on I knew deep down that I was supposed to help people in some way. This childhood volunteering experience pushed me to study Molecular and Cellular Biology in college. I initially thought science was the way I would help people and improve the world. I was working at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA when I met Andrew. Little did I know that meeting him would change the direction of my contribution bug from science to love coaching. I am forever grateful to him for showing me a new way to fulfill my purpose.

CONFESSION #3: I Was A Dating Disaster...

After college, I started dating seriously for the first time ever. I had had some highschool relationships but I never dated. And boy, I was horrible at dating.

I did everything wrong. From talking too much about myself, to slipping and falling on my butt in front of a date (sadly he laughed and pointed at me). I got rejected, stood up and dated a lot of incompatible men for too long because I was clueless about how to pick a good match. Plus, as I mentioned, I was insecure so when I first started I had to have a couple of drinks before my date to calm my nerves. For a short period, I walked the slippery slope of being a social drinker to curb my anxiety and insecurity. Alcohol led me to create a few more date disasters for myself because I occasionally had one two many (not recommended). Bottomline, I really really sucked at dating.

CONFESSION #4: I Learned The Hard Way...

While I was looking for my Soulmate Andrew I read one book on dating, but it wasn't very helpful and at the time I was too embarrassed to be seen in the self-help section. So I didn't look for another book.

Basically, I blindly blundered my way through the dating minefield with trial & error. This means I made mistake after mistake after mistake until I began to figure out what I was doing wrong. Embarrassment and heartache ensued from using the trial & error method. In hindsight, I would have much rather of had a relationship coach to help me. It would have saved me the years it took me to find Andrew.


One night in early 2010 we met for the first time in a Toy's R Us parking lot. After 6 months of dating, it was clear that we were highly compatible with each other. Our long-term visions for our lives were almost identical.

So you think it would have been a match made in heaven. Think again....

Yes, our life visions were similar, but so were our problems/baggage. We had learned dating and compatibility skills before we met but we both had personal baggage and lacked relationship skills. We had no clue how to live in harmony with each other and keep the passion and intimacy hot.

This meant the first year of our relationship was a train wreck. We yelled and fought nearly every day and the sex dwindled down. We were rivals on all levels and we both said and did things to each other that were shameful and below us.

Then the decision moment came. Were we going to have to break up or decide to work on ourselves and the relationship. It was a tough conversation because we both felt hurt and wronged by the other and we also had big egos. Yes, our relationship had been dysfunctional but the fact remained that we were highly compatible and truly loved each other's souls. So we decided to forgive and work on it.

Since that decision day in 2011, we have both been studying relationships and working intensely on ourselves and our connection with each other. We are proud to say that we turned a Rivals Relationship into a 5 Star Soulmate Relationship. A huge accomplishment in its own right but we were duly rewarded because our relationship struggles made us better coaches and more equipped to help our clients.

Now our relationship is a match made in heaven. We have an unbreakable soul level bond. We no longer fight but still sometimes disagree. We have no secrets from each other. We share ourselves with each other authentically and without inhibitions. We unconditionally love and accept each others body, soul, faults, flaws, warts, scars and all. It is safe to be free and fully vulnerable with the other person and we are both loved wholeheartedly just for being ourselves.



Andrew has been a 5 Star Love Tutor since 2007 and Jacqualyn since 2010.

Together we've conducted over 204 live bootcamps & workshops, coached hundreds of clients from around the world, including high-achievers/big dreamers/impact makers and fortune 500 employees from Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and Google.

Working with us, our single students learn to love themselves fully, create a life they love and go from Single to finding a 5 Star Soulmate Relationship. Our Students with partners learn how to raise their current relationship standard to 5 Star Quality. 

We continually study and educate ourselves in a variety of fields, from psychology to biology to communication to success and gamification. Helping people increase the love in their lives is our passion and obsession. We are constantly refining an improving our coaching skills and techniques to help our Premium V.I.P Students create a 5 Star Relationship for themselves.


Today we are on a mission to spread the information and skills we have mastered on the topics of love, dating, romance and relationships with the world.

We are on a mission to empower the human race to raise their relationship standards and refuse to settle for anything less than a 5 Star Relationship that lasts a life-time.

We see a future where every human on Planet Earth has a 5 Star Relationship with the partner of their dreams. A relationship of unbreakable commitment, soul-level connection, 100% trust, passion, intimacy, hot lovemaking, playfulness, respect and life-long excitement. Ultimately a relationship of freedom where each partner can be their true authentic self.

We see a future where no human has to settle for a low-quality relationship of conflict, jealousy, resentment, misunderstanding, abuse, co-dependency, doubt, rivalry, emptiness, or control. These relationships are a low quality and cause destruction to the couple, their family/friends, and the innocent children of Planet Earth.

Just imagine what would happen if every person on the planet learned how to create 5 Star Love for themselves! Just imagine what would happen if every child was raised in a home full of 5 Star Love! 

We have spent years inventing a simple 5 Star Relationship SystemTM that anyone can use to attract and keep their Soulmate. We designed this system to be practical and easy. We believe anyone can create a 5 Star Relationship if they are willing to learn a few skills. 


This new future of relationships on Planet Earth starts with you. It starts with you raising your relationship standards.

Will you refuse to settle for anything less than the best relationship possible?

Will you give yourself the gift of 5 Star Love that lasts a lifetime?

Will you stop settling for a less quality relationship than you deserve?

Will you become apart of the 1% who have a 5 Star Relationship like us?


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