Are you SICK OF SETTLING for low quality relationships that don't align with the BIG VISION you have for your life? No need to worry! Private 5 Star Love Tutors Andrew & Jacqualyn are here to train you how to find & keep a 5 STAR SOULMATE RELATIONSHIP that STAYS HOT for a life-time. 


A & J are life-long committed Soulmates who have banded together in a 5 Star Relationship Mastermind to spread their message of love across the planet. 

As 5 Star Love Tutors & Human Metamorphosis Coaches, A & J have spent over a decade helping hundreds of their high-end clients fill themselves with love though the process of human metamorphosis and learn the 8 mandatory skills required to create a 5 Star Relationship

A & J are highly skilled coaches and have spent the majority of their lives researching and studying relationships and personal development to get to the level of expertise they are at today. A & J have put together all of their knowledge and skill into inventing their proprietary 5 Star Relationship SystemTM which they teach in all of their V.I.P. Luxury Programs.

A & J work with entrepreneurs & big dreamers who want to make a large impact on the planet and want a 5 Star Partner to be their teammate on the journey of life. No one else on planet earth teaches 5 Star Relationships and Human Metamorphosis. 

A & J provide a confidential high-end luxury level service to their clients. A & J only work with people who want to treat themselves to the best coaching experience on the planet. (Go HERE To Learn More About A & J)


A & J Have Helped Fortune 500 Companie Employees Find Love...


What is a 5 Star Relationship exactly?

A 5 Star Relationship is the HIGHEST QUALITY RELATIONSHIP you can have on Planet Earth. The 3 hallmark qualities of a 5 Star Relationship are unconditional love/acceptance, 100% trust, & uninhibited intimacy. More simply a 5 Star Relationship is a relationship of FREEDOM where you feel comfortable to fully be your true authentic self around your partner. As a 5 Star Couple you become a MASTERMIND of two people with the same life vision who've come together as TEAMMATES to share the burdens of life. Together you will exponentially achieve more than you ever could alone. A 5 Star Relationship is for people who want to reach for the stars while they're here.  

How is 5 Star Relationship different?

The majority of love coaches teach an OUTDATED & FLAWED relationship template consisting of a checklist of needs to fulfill for your partner. This kind of relationship becomes an exhausting chore of trying to be someone else to make your partner happy. A 5 Star Relationship is a CONSCIOUS relationship where each partner takes responsibility for their own joy. When two complete joyful beings come together they create MAGIC & ECSTASY. A 5 Star Relationship is a STANDARD of QUALITY both agree to uphold through constant GROWTH. Instead of dependency you have FREEDOM. Instead of "be/do something for me" you have I LOVE YOUR SOUL COMPLETELY.  

Can anyone get a 5 Star Relationship?

Absolutely!!! ANYONE CAN HAVE A 5 STAR RELATIONSHIP but unfortunately not everyone will. Why? Because too many people settle for an incompatible match or a low quality connection with their partner. A 5 Star Relationship is only achievable by couples who REFUSE TO SETTLE for anything less than the best. To find & keep a 5 Star Relationship for a life-time you must master the 8 SKILLS in the 5 Star Relationship System(TM). Just as an Olympic Athlete must be skilled in order to achieve their high standard of athletic performance, you must be skilled in order to sustain a 5 STAR RELATIONSHIP STANDARD for the life of your relationship.




Nick & Kenzie

"Before working with Andy and Jackie, practically nothing made me happy. I had moved away from my home town to an awesome, well paying job, away from all of the flaky friends, away from the other toxic situations that I thought was the cause of my sadness, depression, and lack of relationships. I still felt stuck in the mud, like life was passing me by; I didn't know how to keep up. The only thing that was constant was me. I knew I needed to change, and what I wanted was a teacher to show me the "Lego" blocks of building relationships.

I still remember the time when a good college friend was visiting the same city as I living in, I was so anxious and afraid of new people and situations that I couldn't make it more than a block away from my apartment. That's right, I got ready and walked one block away- stopped with a worried look on my face, and promptly retreated to my safe, comfortable, lonely apartment hyperventalating the entire way back.


The thing I remember the most about first meeting with Andy and Jackie is their willingness to teach, and explain why what they were teaching would work. Their lessons sounded counter-intuitive, but the results that followed shortly after but those concerns to rest. They would give me the tools to build a castle of a life to live in, one that I deserved.

The exercises were not easy, but they were always effective. Andy and Jackie are very good at creating exercises to push you beyond your comfort zone, where all the growth happens. The saying "easy come, easy go" exists for a reason. In order to build my castle I needed to practice. In order to stay in that castle I need to practice. I still do some of the exercises that Andy and Jackie have given me to this day.

Andy and Jackie taught me how to approach women, how to build a connection with them, and how to get dates. Cheesey pick-up lines are not used, instead you learn the proper way to start and maintain a conversation. There are no excuses, fear of approaching and rejection is no longer an option. The skills I learned from approaching women in a bar translates to my work and personal life, they have helped me grow into the person I am today.

Fast forward a year after I started the program, I met a girl at a bar and we had a 4 hour long conversation. I still remember the excitement of meeting her, and the thrill of getting her number along with the walk home afterwards. I knew I had something special, but I never thought she would end up marrying me! None of this would have been possible without Andy and Jackie's help.

After finishing the program with Andy and Jackie all aspects of my life improved. I am a senior member of my engineering team, looked to for guidance in several aspects of my job. My old boring social life is gone, and replaced with new, high quality friendships. I have a house with my beautiful wife that I enjoy spending time with every day!

This program was the single best investment I have made. I don't know where I would have ended up without Andy and Jackie, but I know it wouldn't be as good of a place as I am now. If you want to build an awesome castle like mine, go to Andy and Jackie."

- Nick, Engineer 

Frank & Karen

"It was a dark and stormy night....but unfortunately I'm not referring to the weather. I'm talking about my self destructive thoughts and negative mind set which plagued me since I was in elementary school. My utter fear of approaching women, going to job interviews, making new friends. Even talking to my relatives was a social challenge. During this time spanning over 20 years, every single day, it was a dark and stormy night inside my brain.

It began when I was in first grade and didn't end until I met Andy and his wonderful soulmate Jacqualyn. When I saw his ad on, I immediately had some hope. Can this couple help me with my social challenges?

The answer is an emphatic YES!

I had an interview with Andy and Jackie and I had many doubts. To summarize, they explained how they could change my entire world with their classes, lectures and what I tend to call 'practical exercises'.


The cost was expensive, but I'm here to tell you every bit of time and money put into this program was an investment in the rest of my life.

Andy and Jackie's philosophy is simple: To get better at something you need to practice. Isn't this true for everything in life? Sure, some people have been gifted natural ability. But if you're like me, you have been gifted with shyness and a pessimistic attitude towards life.

To become stronger, wouldn't you go to the gym? To be good at a sport, wouldn't you practice everyday you could? Be better at spelling, reading, writing....talking to women.

Andy and Jackie will teach you how to talk to women in a way which will change your life. You will become comfortable and your conversations will be exciting and imaginative, which is what women want. No creepy pick up lines, just you and your personality. No more being friend zoned. You will be going on dates....a lot of dates. Women will like you for you.

I'm not exaggerating when I say my world has changed. I'm high on life, and am happily married to the woman of my dreams. I have become a powerhouse at my job instead of a little wimp who caved to everyone else. I have confidence in interviews and every social situation you can think of. I shine in a crowd and don't find myself standing off to the side with sheepish body language and a beer shield.

Andy and Jackie are sincerely dedicated to their profession. They genuinely care about their clients. You will learn life skills which will bring out the unique qualities buried inside of you. You'll be among other students who are in the same boat, and make a ton of new friends.

Whatever your goals in life may be; job interviews, conversations, talking to women, getting dates or being successful at your current job. Andy and Jackie will provide the skills to take you to the top of your game in all these areas.

Don't get stuck in your rut and take the easy road, moving through life like a zombified lemming. Go see Andy and Jackie. Taking their class is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

If something doesn't challenge you, it will not change you. Andy and Jackie. Social Chemistry. That is all.


- Frank, Firefighter

Free Morning Love Meditation

Maybe you are trying to attract a passionate forever lover into your life or increase the love in your current relationship. No matter your intentions, this powerful meditation will fill you up with love so you can attract and keep the 5 Star Relationship of your dreams.